A podcast with a social mission

We're sharing the stories of the people who are stepping up to give this city what they have to offer.

Some of the stories you'll hear include:

  • a 21-year-old CEO building one of the Top 50 student-led startups in the world [Ep. 2]
  • a broken city recovering from the Alton Sterling and Police shootings [Ep. 3]
  • a 15-year-old girl training to be one of the first astronauts to colonize Mars in 2033 [Ep. 4]
  • a Middle Eastern girl, escaping with her life to eventually become an IBM executive [Ep. 5]
  • a social activist giving voice to the voiceless and color to the city through murals [Ep. 8]
  • a musician, organizing one of the largest Blues music festivals in the world [Ep. 9]
  • a grill master fighting for his screen time on MasterChef [Ep. 10]
  • an entrepreneur who took a chance on Twitter to bring food trucks to Baton Rouge [Ep. 17]
  • a photographer fighting hell and high-water to document the stories of those affected by the "Thousand-year" flood [Ep. 23]
  • a poet fighting stereotypes and prejudices to unify a city [Ep. 26]
  • a 17 year-old CEO on a mission to eradicate global illiteracy [Ep. 31]


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